Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's HERE! Decision Camp 2014 !!

Greetings, Programs:
(MCP in move, "Tron")

OK- Decision Camp 2014 starts tomorrow!
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OK, that was bad even for me.  :-)  Seriously, if you live ANYWHERE in Silly Valley, you really need to take some time to attend the Decision Camp 2014 being held at Pay Pal in San José, CA.  Even if you do not live in Silly Valley, you might want to attend just because of all of the really great speakers who will be there.  Check out the Agenda on the home page, and see for yourself.

OK, if you do not want to hunt for them, I will tell you about some of them:
  • Doug Beeferman, Sift Science
  • Carole Ann Berlioz-Matignon, Co-Founder and CEO of Sparkling Logic
  • Matthew M. Burton, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Erwin De Ley, iSencia Belgium
  •  Mariano Nicolas De Maio, PlugTree (and Drools Engineer) 
  • Dr. Jacob Feldman,Founder and CTO, Open Rules
  • Dr. Charles Forgy, Inventor of Rete, Rete 2, Rete III, Rete NT and now Co-Founder and Chief Scientist with Sparkling Logic
  • Dr. Marcia Gottgtroy, Inland Revenue New Zealand
  •  Alex Karman, Revolutionary Machines
  • Colleen McClintock, Co-Founder and Product Manager at Sparkling Logic
  • Erik Marutian
  • James Owen, Founder and CEO of KnowledgeBased Systems Corporation
  • Mark Proctor, Co-Founder of Drools, Red Hat Platform Architect- aka Drools and Red Hat Rules
  • Chris Purdum, PayPal
  • Howard Rogers, RapidGen Software
  • Kenny Shi,Engineering Manager for UBER Technologies
  •  Carlos Seranno-Morales, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Sparkling Logic
  • James Taylor, Founder, Decision Management Systems
  • Tobias Vigmostad, Decisive AS

There, now you do not have to go look them up.  BUT, if you want to know more about them (other than they are the industry leaders in Decisioning and RuleBased (aka, BRMS) Systems, then visit the web page above and take a look.

See you in San Jose?