Monday, July 5, 2010

BRF+ORF+W3C+OMG+RIF+???==XYX Alphabet Soup


I was speaking with a friend today about (O)RF and what it meant to BRF and other communities of associated conferences. We kind-of decided that (O)RF is unique in its stated "By Developers, For Developers" slogan (It sounds silly now but it made sense then) but then they (the ORF directors) allowed EDM and BRF founders to state what they want ORF (it will always be ORF to me) to become or what they think it should become.

Perhaps Ron Ross was right; maybe there there should be a different track in BRF for CEP, another for EDM and, perhaps, another for the geeks and nerds who want rulebased systems (BRMS) to return to its AI roots. I think that had he been man enough to have called me first rather than having his "minior minions feel me out" on the subject, it might have been a single conference. Maybe. Maybe not.

In any event, BRF is what it is and ORF is what it is and quite possibly ne'er the twain shall meet on common ground. I am sincerely hoping that I can be there Monday, October 11th, (early Monday morning) and Monday night (late) in order to have a fireside chat with everyone about what we're doing today and where we're going. Personally, just one man's opinion, but I think that all of the conferences have become highly political and run not on logic but rather are emotion-fed engines that thrive on controversy. Thus has always been and thus shall always be. I really hope that I'm wrong and that rather that build walls for separate camps we might tear down the walls and use the stones to outline patches of carrots and beets and cabbages and leeks.

"May the sun join with a light, cool breeze at your back as you walk through life. May the road rise up to meet your feet and may there be no stumbling blocks along the way. May the Lord bless thee and keep thee. May the Lord find favor with thee and give thee peace. May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand until we meet again." [An old Irish/Welsh/Scottish blessing taken from the Hebrew] Maybe, one day, we can live in peace and harmony and look for solutions rather than find errors in the ways of others. TTFN.