Tuesday, May 20, 2008

October Rules Fest in Las Colinas

OK - everything is GO except for two slots still open for keynote speakers but I'm thinking that the Friday slot has been filled. No matter. The cost for all three days is only $150 but you have to buy your own lunch from one of the many fine Las Colinas restaurants. Las Colinas is the only place I know that has 12" marble curbs, and overhead mono-rail that goes to all of the major building and water taxis that cruise around the town or take you on a sight-seeing tour. What IS important is that the Rules Fest will have the following, world-class speakers on Thursday and Friday:

Dr. Charles Forgy (Inventor of Rete, Rete 2 / III, OPS, OPSJ, etc.)
Dr. Daniel Levine (One of the ANN God Fathers)
Dr. Rick Hicks (Validation and Verification Guru for past few decades)
Mark Proctor (Inventor of Drools)
Gary Riley (Inventor - with Dr. Girratano - of CLIPS)
Daniel Selman (ILOG JRules Guru)
Edson Terelli (Complex Event Processing guru)
Michael Neal (Drools guru speaking on BRMS in Drools)

Remember - This is a TECHNICAL conference, not a sales pitch for any one product NOR is it a business seminar to teach about rulebased systems to non-technical persons. This is a conference for the geeks, those lads down in the dungeons of darkness where the sun never shines but they are the ones that keep the wheels of progress turning.

There WILL be a day of tutorials on Wednesday covering introduction, history, rule architecture, etc. but that's all part of the $150 fee. If you don't need it they you're just helping out some folks who do need it. :-)

Check out the web page next week to register but this week the DRAFT Agenda is posted. Enjoy,


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yaakov - you dog, you!

Well, Yaakov Kohen is at it again. Ranting and Raving and Raging against the machine. Check out http://yaakov2.wordpress.com/category/rule-stuff/ for his latest blast against the BRMS Vendors, sometimes called the Commercial Bandits of California since most of them are based there.

Anyway, it seems that he feels that the BRMS Vendors are playing games with what is ordinarily a great tool, a rulebased system that has grown into what we call a Business Rule Management System. Who know? He might be right... Check it out. According to an earlier iChat he is going to go after the vendors one at a time with an "expose" kind of thing that promises to tell all about all of them. Enjoy,