Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decision Camp 2013

Greetings Programs:

You may have heard already.  Maybe not...  But, just in case, here it is! >> Decision Camp 2013 is coming November 4 - 6, 2013, to San Jose, CA.  It will be hosted by >> eBay - thanks eBay!!  This will not replace IntelliFest but will be in addition to IntelliFest.  Speakers will include but NOT be limited to:
  • Carole-Ann Matignon (CEO of Sparkling Logic)
  • Dr. Charles Forgy (inventor of the Rete Algorithms)
  • Mark Proctor (inventor of Drools)
  • Dr. Jacob Feldman (inventor of Open Rules)
  • Carlos Seranno-Morales (inventor of ND-Advisor, later Blaze-Advisor)
  • Kenny Shi (Decision Management Leader, eBay)
And, get this, ATTENDANCE IS FREE !!  Yes, totally FREE.  As in NO CHARGEFREE.

So, just get there, pay for your own meals, your own hotel and attendance is free.  More speakers to come.  It's just been announced  Sign up now because space is limited.  Tell'em James sent you.  It won't mean anything but tell'em anyway.  :-)

James Owen