Monday, May 2, 2011

Strength of Body and Mind and Soul

Greetings, Programs:

Each of us has some kind of body: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, fat, skinny, wonderful, wobbly, whatever... The thing is that we, the little people of this world, these people, have defined what is good , what is bad, what is ugly, what is too skinny, etc. This is what we did to ourselves - nobody did it to us.

So, now what do we do with what we have? Me? I'm just an old (by the world's definitions) fat, white Jew boy from Texas who can't side kick higher than his waist any more. So what? I'm really, really happy so long as those around me are happy as well. My original goals have moved from
  • Electrical Enginer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Writer
  • Poet
  • High-Speed motorcycle racer (1,000 cc and over)
  • Big-Bore Dirt Bike Racer (350cc and over)
  • USAF Fighter Pilot
  • Back to EE since the others didn't work out
  • MBA
  • Back to working on AI since my MBA co-students seemed full of chowder heads who just wanted a degree to to move up the corporate ladder
  • Rulebased Systems (since nobody needed anything in the AI theory fields)
So, now what? I'm getting old enough to need a back operation next week - hopefully that will allow me the flexibility to ride a bike again; maybe a Ducati 999 or a Harley Big-Bore??? Whatever.... Either would be cool. Especially with white, full-coverage fairing with a red Dragon that wrapped from handle to handle and feet that covered the light. Well, that probably won't happen again either but I can still dream.

But we still have to think of the combination of the parts of the Body (physical), Mind (mental), Soul (spiritual), and then throw in other attributes needed to be a fully developed human being;
  • Spirit (to keep the soul and mind in balance)
  • Body (to house everything)
  • Ambition (to avoid total stasis and avoid being a couch slug)
  • Partner-1 (I never WILL be gay, but I would like to think that each of us needs a partner to help unload our feelings and re-load our spirit.
  • Partner-2 (Ah, this is the sexual part. Someone with whom to share everything else and have two bodies become become one body. A joining such that nothing can tear it asunder.)
All of this and then maybe, just maybe, we can begin to look for happiness. The sexual partner usually fills most of the requirements, but not always. Above all, we have to be happy and remember that there really is an eternity - a place where time never stops. Our short, life-time, stop-over here is just to see where we might fit into eternity, how we might play our role to Almighty G-d. This takes only a few nano-seconds to see what we're going to do with the rest of eternity - the full lifetime.

Me? I think that happiness is fulfilling what Eternal G-d has called for me to do, whether sweeping up horsey-doo in a stable or being a CEO for a big faceless company. Doesn't matter - I have to remember that He is the one who controls the universe, who keeps the stars in alignment, who - while He is doing all of that - still has time (or at least takes the time) to have a chat with me every morning, noon and night. (For the Muslim it's five times but that's another subject and not meant for idle conversation.)

(And, no, I don't smoke pot, take drugs nor, for that matter, drink beer. An occasional 20-year-old Glen Livet Whisky (Scotch to Americans) once a month is about all.)

And, finally, remember, the guy(s) who just tried to screw you to the nearest cubicle supporter is just trying to "get ahead" and has has no idea of what constitutes true happiness. So, keep happy and keep smiling. (It'll make the others wonder what you're up to.) Life is WAY too short to be bugged by trivialities. And everything except for G-d is trivial.

Peace, Love and Joy to each and every one of you: