Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seven Programming Myths


Neil McAllister of InfoWorld wrote a great little article (which he probably plagerized from some other editor somewhere - just my guess, not fact!) but it's really great and should be read by all of us.  You can check it out for yourself at and be sure to read them all.  The first one really caught my eye was #1; off-shore programming is cheaper.  Another one (this should catch the eye of all those Jess and Drools programmers) was Myth # 5:  The more eyes on the code the better the code, meaning that open source has more eyes on it and therefore it will be better.  Boy! Neil took that one apart.  Sorry Mark, but I have to kind of agree with his analysis - most guys don't develop Drools, they just use it and develop the part that fails when they use it.  :-)  Note, I said most, not all.  (Most could be 51%.)

Anyway, take a look at it.  I'll list them for you here so you can see if you want to look at them: 
  1. Offshoring produces software faster and cheaper
  2.  Good coders work long hours
  3. Great developers are 10 times more productive
  4. Cutting-edge tools produce better results
  5. The more eyes on the code, the fewer bugs
  6. Great programmers write the fastest code
  7. Good code is "simple" or "elegant"     
So, there you have it - Seven things that you thought were set in concrete busted up and pulverized into dust for all time.  Of course, there are 27 comments already; some for (most) and some against (few) so jump in and either cast your own pundits or plaudits.  Me?  I liked all of them.  Which is why I'm writing this silly blog about some else's blog.  :-)


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