Tuesday, April 24, 2012



OK, this is a blog to grouse about the world in general but somebody has to say something!
  • Golf Tournaments have all been renamed from their founders to some fancy company name.  It's like the founders just passed into the sunset and we can now forget about them and focus only on the big company.  Hey!  The guys who founded this thing should STILL be honored and remembered that they were the ones who started this blooming thing - not the fancy-schamcy company with the big bucks who can afford to buy out the little guys.
  • The Bing Crosby ProAm Clambake => AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm. Not only that but they keep running the same stupid commercial with the same two slackers "that is so seven seconds ago" over and over and over.
  • Jackie Gleason Inverrary => The Honda Classic
  • Dean Martin / Joe Garagiola Tuscon Open => defunct
  • Sammy Davis Jr. Greater Hartford Open => Travelers Championship
  • Bob Hope Desert Classic => Humana Challenge
  • Andy Williams Sandiego Open => Farmers Insurance Open
  • Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open => Northern Trust Open
  • Danny Thomas Memphis Classic => FedEx St. Jude Classic
  • Ed McMahon - Jaycees Quad City Open => John Deere Open
  • The world is facing a nuclear war with Iran that nobody is talking about
  • We have a bus-sized meteor headed our way that will pass between us and the moon (hopefully) sometime in December - more coming in a few years so if that one doesn't get maybe one of the others will.
  • Greeks are throwing Molotov cocktails at the police because they don't want to work
  • The Syrian population has been begging the USA and the Arab League for months for help against an evil dictator who is slaughtering his own people - for six months everyone just watches and watches while he kills more and more with the help of the Russian government
  • The USA is going deeper into debt and the depression is deepening and nobody blames the President for any of it.  
  • Our President still bows to the Arabs and Nicaragua while denying Canadian oil after promising that he would cut off the evil oil barons of the east and South America when he was running for the office of President.
  • We have an oil glut in the USA that came from our ground that Exxon/Mobile and others are selling on the international market at ridiculous prices and at our own oil pumps
  • Israel and Iran are killing each others diplomats and soon we will have WW III
  • The news shows during the day (and evening a few weeks ago) were mostly tied up with details about the accidental drowning of a singer. Now I loved Whitney Houston. I have only 15 or 20 Direct Disks vinyl recordings that I bought when I was a starving student in the 70's and one of them is hers. But we need to get a grip and face the bigger issues in the world.
  •  Every day this week we see more about the fiasco in Columbia with the Secret Service
  • Every day this week we see more details about nothing that leads me to believe that we don't have decent news to report so they have to run something and they can only rehash old news just like they rehash old movies.
Well, I've done my grousing so I'm going back to the reality of my programming.  It seems that the last place that I have for truth is my own silly computer that does exactly what I told it to do and not necessarily what I wanted it to do.

So, in conclusion, keep the faith, be strong, protect the widows and orphans and screw the politicians and big business companies to the proverbial wall for all of their lies and false promises.  Especially Exxon/Mobile and President Obama.  (This is not a political message, just a personal opinion)

(updated 25 April 2012 1715hrs)

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