Sunday, April 29, 2012

IntelliFest 2012


October Rules Fest (2008, 2009) in "Big D" morphed into just Rules Fest (2010, 2011) in Silicon Valley and it looks as though Rules Fest has morphed into IntelliFest 2012 - possibly again in Silicon Valley or maybe back in Big D (Dallas), just not in August as the Web Page used to say.  Count on October.  (Maybe November but probably October.)  This year, according to our Fearless Leader, Jason Morris, we're going to have several tracks - one of which will be a management track and another will be an academic track and maybe a medical track.  All of this to go along with the regular rulebase and BRMS tracks.  The home page should change next week to allow registration and the REAL location and dates; so be patient.  Jason just started his la few weeks ago in Australia so now maybe he will have some time to devote to more serious things - like IntelliFest in Silly Valley.  He still has a long way to go on the AU thing but he's back home now.

So, you heard it here first.  This blog is totally unauthorized and I'll probably get booted off the Intellifest Organizing Committee for doing such a dastardly deed but somebody had to get the word out to the rest of the Great Unwashed Herd of Programmer Elite.  :-)  Now you know, so go to your managers and start needling them for the funds to go to the meetings.  Plan on the first or second week  in October.  Tell them that this will be the Greatest Show of Technical Fireworks since Java One back in 1998 or 1999.  And if you don't get to go, then you will be branded for life as having missed out and will be (technically) left behind in the dust of your companions who were fortunate enough to have nice managers who were smart enough to send their smartest and brightest programmers to IntelliFest 2012.

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