Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Two - FICO Decision Management Tools User Group


Wow. Yesterday was good but today was even better. One interesting this is that Oracle was presenting on an idea and their presenter did not know that Oracle had bought a rulebase (two of them, in fact: Rule Burst & Haley Expert Systems) of their own that is a direct competitor to FICO's Blaze Advisor. Weird, really weird.

OK, performance issues - I ran through a brief (55 minute) presentation on how to improve performance. More of how NOT to get into trouble although I did point out some time-proven tips on how to make even Advisor run faster.

Then came the Illinois Death March: We took a bus to the lake for a river cruise. (whater...) The bus dropped us off and we walked past ship after ship after ship. Now, understand, walking a mile is not such a big deal UNLESS you have a bad back, two knees that need to be replaced and pinched nerves in your neck. Then (after a rather nice meal onboard the ship) we had to walk BACK! So, thank the Lord for Hydrocodone and Soma. Between the two I made it through the night.

So, wrapping up today. Tonight begins Rosh Hoshanna so a lot of the guys have to get home in time for services. People are here from all over the world; Russia, Lithuania, Israel, France and even one or two from Texas. :-) So, this will be the last report on this conference. Nothing technical. You'll have to get that from FICO since everything is copyrighted into their vault of knowledge.


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