Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Rules Fest 2009 Update


Lots and lots of things happening at ORF 2009 so let's just get right to it:

Drools Boot Camp, all day Sunday and Monday morning. Free for ORF attendees. Small charge for DBC only. Mark Proctor and Edson Tirelli teaching. See link for details.

Jess Boot Camp, all day Sunday and Monday morning. Free for ORF attendees. Small charge for JBC only. Jason Morris (Jess guru and certified trainer) teaching. See link for details.

Tom Cooper, co-author of "Rule-based Programming With OPS5", will be our Keynote Speaker. Tom goes WAY back and is one of the pioneers of rulebased systems. The book is still available but has been out of print for quite some time.

Discounted Books. We don't have the complete list yet but there will be lots of rulebase specific books deeply discounted (more than Amazon) for ORF attendees. Dr. Kappelman and Gary Riley will have theirs there for signing (if you're into the groupie thing - I am) and I'm sure that we will have some more before the conference starts.

T3 - Thursday Think Tank - is really gearing up to be one of the highlights of the conference. Our take on this is that the outcome might set the direction(s) for rulebased systems (BRMS) for the next decade.

TECH, Dr. Forgy's new algorithm, will be discussed.

Several talks on Complex Event Processing (CEP) by the leaders in the field. Dr. Forgy has stated that this could well be one of the most important advances for rulebased systems for this century.

The Adolphus has dropped their room rates to $129 / night in order to encourage you to stay where the action is. BUT, we have only a limited number of rooms at this rate so get your reservation in early.

STUDENT FEES will be $150 which will also allow them to attend either of the boot camps. We just announced this and already students are signing up. Meaning that they might jolly well take up the conference slots so you need to hurry and get your conference registration NOW !!

Ping Pong / Table Tennis and/or Foosball has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Sorry about that. I was looking forward to a tournament kind of evening.

Speakers: New speakers and assistants - we have 30 of them now and it is a single track conference so you don't have to make those mind-wrenching decisions as to which one to attend.

White Papers and Presentations will be available during the conference for you to load on your computer to follow along.

Brochures will be available at the conference and electronically later this week. (Thanks, Chelanie). This will be a real keep-sake for your Golden Years.

So, if you haven't registered already, do so NOW. He who hesitates is lost. :-)


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Gary Riley said...

Small correction. I will not be selling any books.