Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DC-2013: It Is NOT Too Late

Decision Camp 2013 will be November 4 - 6 in San Jose at eBay.  You can still register.  Registration is free BUT there are only a few seats left so if you are reading this AND you want to go AND you can get there AND you actually know the way to San Jose, you had better register today!!!  Oh.  You went and there were no seats left?  Well, try again tomorrow.  Maybe someone cancelled and a seat opened up.  I just called Carole Ann Matignon (the main organizer) and right now there are a few seats left.

So!  Why should you attend?  Mainly because I said so, of course.  Secondly, because of the great lineup of speakers.  Let's see; first, of course, there is Dr. Charles Forgy, the "head liner" - the man who invented the Rete Algorithm.  And then there is Carlos Seranno-Morales, the man who invented Advisor that later became Blaze Advisor, the first Java version of a rulebased system to hit the market.  (That's right - it hit the market six months before Jess.)  Then there is Mark Proctor, co-inventor of Drools, the leading rulebased system that is free to everyone under the Apache license that is also the commercial version put out by Red Hat.  Oh, and don't forget Dr. Jacob Feldman, the inventor of Open Rules.  And our most gracious host will be speaking, Kenny Shi from eBay.  And there is James Taylor, the writer and former VP at FICO, not the singer, will be there to speak on "The Decision Management Journey."  Oops!  I almost forgot the main person!  The Lady of the Lake, Our Spirit of Inspiration, the Dominatrix of Decisions, the one person who has made all of these "geeky-business" conferences possible since October Rules Fest 2008, Carole Ann Berlioz-Matignon, former VP of FICO and now the CEO of Sparkling Logic and primary instigator of Decision Camp 2013

AND there will be many, many others there as well!  Three days of great speakers meeting at eBay in a great city  It all begins on Monday at High Noon.  We should be through in time for you to be home for supper Wednesday night - if you live near San Jose.  Unless, of course you want to check out San Francisco Bay that evening or something silly like that.  Whatever... it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to meet some of the greatest minds in our industry, hear them talk and ask them questions and just hang out for a while in California.  See you there!


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