Friday, August 2, 2013

Ode to Willie Hall

Ode To Wille Hall

Willie died last week.
Nobody told me at the time.
Irwin called me later.
And told 'bout the crime.

'Bout what crime you might ask.
What crime if 'twere crime at all.
The crime that more folks were not there.
To weep for my friend Willie Hall.

Willie was a mighty big man.
Not quite six feet tall.
Built like a big brick court-house.
And a grin that spread wall-to-wall.

Always with a good word for everyone.
Always a hale fellow well-met.
Always a good man to have on your side.
Always a good man in ways not set.

Of all things that were said last week,
Of all things that I could not hear,
Of all things that I wish I had heard,
Willie, my friend, you were most dear. 

Ahavath V'Shalom, Willie
Yaakov On
aka, James Owen

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