Friday, August 7, 2009

October Rules Fest 2009 Books available


More conference news:

More good news for attendees: Dr. Leon Kappleman, a widely recognized authority on Enterprise Architcture, has made it possible for attendees to order his new book on "The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture" that normally retails for $59.95 and get a 40% discount. You can get better preliminary details at where you can some more details about the book itself. [Added note 10 Aug] Here is a list of contributors to the book:

So: Register for the conference THEN register at the hotel for the conference rate. If you have ANY problems (registering OR getting the special ORF rate at the hotel) PLEASE let either myself or Chelanie know about it. See you in October!

Finally: If anyone else has a book that they would like to offer discounts to ORF conference attendees, please let us know and we will start a listing of all of them. But, right now, this is the only one. Enjoy...


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