Monday, August 24, 2009

FICO Forum: Decision Management Tools User Group


The FICO Forum: Decision Management Tool User Group will meet on September 16 - September 18 at the Hotel Allegro in Chicago, IL. FICO has kindly asked me to chat with the FICO Blaze Advisor users about optimizing rules, benchmarks and things of that nature. My talk will be on September 17th so if you happen to be in Chicago at the time be sure to come by the conference. There is a lot more than my talk, of course, and this can be found at

if you would like more information about the conference itself or the other speakers. Like most other conferences, I would like to be able to attend all four tracks but I can only attend one session at a time - so in addition to having to attend my own presentation (one that I already know quite well) I'll miss out on 3/4 of the great stuff, including the half-day tutorials on Wednesday. All-in-all, it should be a really great conference.


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