Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everything is new again

OK, FINALLY got the autority to post to Javarules at Google again. And, yes, I like the name and I think I'll keep it. Lots of things have happened since 2006. I've accepted a position with Fair Isaac - yes, I sold out to the dark side of corporate life. I've worked on about 8 or 9 projects since then.

Also, started to do some work on using statistics formerly used in MYCIN to help with "forecasting" in Insurance Underwriting. Meaning, how to "predict" that a person will be a good risk or bad risk from certain data.

Also, doing some work on a book with the Forgenator - a "how to" book on BRMS.

Finally, getting started on doing some work on parallel rulebase systems, a subject that has been around for 20 years now but no one has really done anyting with it in the past.

So, now that Google has finally straightened out my problems with access to my blog, I'll be back. :-)

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