Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DS has never me a MetaPolicy he didn't like

Daniel Selman wrote a neat article on Meta: MetaPolicies, MetaRule, MetaData, etc. See http://blogs.ilog.com/brms/author/dselman/ for the whole thing.

I rather like the idea that he proposes in "over-riding" rules and things of that nature. I would think, however, that it might be easier to structure the rules in some kind of architecture using a common ruleset such that you don't have to override rules. Perhaps all of the common rules in one ruleset, then another ruleset that selects the appropriate attribue for each State (USA thing) or Country or whatever so that the proper rate is applied. It probably is more a matter of personal preference but two things I don't really like: Overriding rules and Inheritance of rules. Sooner or later, you get into trouble with which one does what and when.

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