Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Installing JBoss and Drools WorkBench

Basic (Undocumented) Drools WorkBench Concepts

FIRST:  Install JBoss (or another AppSvr).  For JBoss follow the following instructions:

Assume that you have installed Drools 6.2 to drool/drool6.2
Assume that you have a directory named JBoss in the root directory

Match Java JDK 7 to JBoss 7.
Match Java JDK 8 to JBoss 8.

Download JBoss zip (or for Unix/OSX) to the JBoss Directory
Unzip JBoss
Open up a terminal screen

cd to the /JBoss/jboss-as-7.1.1 or /JBoss/jboss-as-8.2.1 directory
cd bin
Enter the following commands from the command line
./ (or .\add-user.bat for Windows)
> a
  jco, jw, rm, user1, whatever…
> **********

  jco, jw, rm, user1, whatever…
> **********

./ (or .\standalone.bat for Windows)

Start up a browser window
Enter the following for the URL:
You should see the following screen

Click on “Deploy an application
You should see the following screen

Click on “> Create Deployment” (in blue in the “Deploy an application” box)
Your should see the following screen  BUT  “Name” and “Runtime Name” will be blank.

Click on “Add” tab at the right-hand-side of the screen

Click on “Browse” Tab in the popup
You should see the following screen

Browse down to the following directory (for a Mac OSX)

Select the following file

The “Name” and “Runtime Name” should now be filled in. 
Note, “Name” CAN be anything but most leave it at the same name a “Runtime Name”.

OK – NOW your are ready to start up WorkBench

Select a new FoxPro screen (Ctrl-N) or tab (Ctrl-T)
Enter the following URL

You should see a KIE Login Screen.  Login with the name and password that you set up initially.

You should now see the following screen:

You are now ready to follow the videos at

Start with the first one.  About 1/3 of the first video will be what you just did. 
Note that you can set the speed on a YouTube video to ½ or ¼ of regular.  I had to use ¼ speed the first time through. 
Also, these videos (as of today, 150817) are for version 6.0 of Drools WorkBench and version 6.x of JBoss AppSvr.  If you have a question, call, email or text me.  (jco)

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