Monday, November 24, 2014

Apple Streatches the Truth - Just a bit...


OK, new OS X has been out for a while now so I thinks to my self think I that I shall upgrade my MacBookPro to the latest and greatest.  But I did stop to read the comments.  Apple said that the comments were running about 4.2 or something out of 5.0 possible.  Cool, thinks I to m'self.  So I went to read of the glowing comments.  Here is how 17 of them lined up.

Comments on upgrades to Apple Yosimite
Score 1 2 3 4 5
Number of Ratings 13

1 3 17
Number * Score 13 0 0 4 15 32
Average Score


2 hours to install
So far so good Amazing

Chrome does not work

Great job

Missing applications

Runs great on my PC  ???

Three hous to downloand and will not install

Error in installing


Won't download for Mac Mini

WiFi disconnects evry 4-5 min

Cannot get it to download

Won't download

Bad design.  And I can't UN-Install

Won't download

Won't download

The comments under the score of 1 are how 13 of the comments lined up.  Not very flattering.  I think the one where the person said that they had missing applications was the most disturbing.  The others were that it took so long to install.  Now, admittedly, that person or persons might have had a really slow internet connection.  At any rate, what I saw (and only 17 most recent comments were viewable) was that Apple only scored about a 1.89 / 5.00.  That is a D+ or C-, depending on the curve.  (I figure that anything below a 1.0 is an F and anything between 1.00 and 1.99 is a D so that would be D+, right?)

What I did see was that those three persons with a good experience were all 5s and one 4.  No 2s.  No 3s.  Only one 4.  And only three 5s.  Well, anyway, just to prove that I do not have lot of common sense, I updated my iPhone to 8.1.1 - So far, so goo.  It took over two hours to download and install.  I am running at 15Mb from my IP so that might have something to do with it but everything else download rather quickly - even very large 250MB files take only a few minutes to download.  Maybe it is the iPhone itself that is so blinking slow...


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