Friday, June 20, 2014

iPhone, iCloud and Macs


I had a bit of a problem the other day with my iPhone not getting the updates from what I posted to My Calendar on my Mac.  When I accepted an appointment, it went to my Mac but NOT to my iPhone during a subsequent "synch" operation.  So, I called my favorite Mac Geeek, Chelanie Israel in Dallas, aka, Miss Mac.  True.  Most of my problems were with "Dr Appt" and "Webinars" that were not going to my phone to remind me when I was out of the office.  Here was her advice:

"You can click on the 'Dr Appt' On My Mac and go to File -> Export Calendar. It will create and ics file. Put it on your desktop or some directory where you can get to it easily. Then import it and put it into Dr Appt on iCloud. Then unclick and hide the On My Mac calendars and don’t use them, so everything syncs. You’ll want to do the same thing with your Webinars. Looks like you will want to keep the some other events click from On My Mac or move them to the iCloud."

And, voila!  Everything is there on my iPhone the next time that I synched up.  Hope this helps some of you out there if you are also having problems with Calendar.


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