Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One More Book Series


Already my bookshelves creak and groan in protest over the number of books per shelf on each one. So, the question is: Is there room for one more book on rulebased systems? Maybe not. Anything that we could say about the elements and strings of rulebased systems has already been said many times over - maybe not in the way that I would have said it but in a way that many readers did understand it.

On the other hand, what if we gathered together this year under one big tent just a few of the voices, knowledge and wisdom of several industry spokes persons and wrote a series of coordinated papers on rulebased systems and it's misbegotten step-child, BRMS as well as Neural Networks? Remember, a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) can be something as simple as a notebook that contains the rules of the business or something as complicated as JRules or Advisor. Both and everything in between serve a purpose; to help the user understand and manage the rules of their company or industry.

So, then: This is an open call to the God Fathers and God Mothers of this AI working industry to work together to build a system that will complete the needs of all users. I'm thinking of a series of books: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced - things on  Statistical, Analytical, Industry-Specific (Psychology, Oil and Gas, Insurance, Banking, etc.) as well as those white papers from around the world on various topics of interest.

The series could be, might be White Books (Beginner 1), Yellow Books (Beginner 2), Green Books (Intermediate 1), Blue Books (Intermediate 2), Brown Books (Advanced) and Black Books (Industry Specific). The White Books (Beginner 1) would be a continuing series of books intended for the introduction of both technical and non-technical users so that they could get grounded in the principles of AI and rulebased systems. (This could be easily done by ripping out the first two or three chapters from each of the 15 books on my bookshelf and mashing them together.) The Yellow Books (Beginner 2) would be slightly more advanced in explaining the principles of the Rete Algorithm, SOAR, Conflict Resolution, Searching Algorithms, etc.

The Green Books (Intermediate 1) would delve into Neural Networks, ANN theory, etc.  These would prepare the novice for life with the other branches of AI and data analysis.  The Blue Books (Intermediate 2) would go deeper into Statistical Reasoning, Forecasting, Probabilities and Constraints, Confidence Intervals and Gaming Theories.

The Brown Books would be would continue to be more in-depth analysis of the Blue Books and prepare the student for the final phase of going into Black Belt industry.  (More on this later.)  The Black Books would be those concerned with specific industries, each to a different aspect of the industry such as Banking, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Psychology, Astrophysics, etc. In these books, the first few chapters would explain the specific industry itself while the middle chapters would address the problems being faced by that particular industry and the final chapters would deal with theory and meta-thinking.

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