Thursday, October 25, 2012

IntelliFest 2012 Tuesday


What a day!  Talking with two of my favorite Charles' today - Charles the Forgenator and Charles the Younger (Charles Young of Solid Soft).  I had supper with Charles Forgy last night where we discussed that he is now using Linq (a Microsoft-only product) for his new development work.  Spooky!!  Then today at lunch I had both of them expounding the virtues of Linq and C# and .NET (yes, Virginia, there is a .NET for the Mac now) for over an hour.  It seems that Charles the Younger is a MS-Maven from way back while Charles the Forgenator is a recent convert.  Both are convinced that Java is dying on the vine and that all of us Java geeks need to jump ship now before the ship goes bottom up.

Supper on the shore again - this time with Gary and Linda Riley.  What nice folks.  It turns out that she has family here in San Diego who split their time between here and Seattle; Summer there, winter here. So, they are off to see them this weekend and here for the conference.  I had fresh seafood again.  It's really great to get fresh seafood for a decent price again fully knowing that there is absolutely no MSG in it anywhere.

Well, tomorrow is a great day for all.  Really looking forward to the first day of IntelliFest.


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