Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Forecasting Made Easier - and Cheaper !


Now you don't have an excuse!  Rob J Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos have made it possible to explore the world of forecasting for free - or for a small donation of your own choosing.  Just go over to and read the on-line book.  Rob previously helped write the seminal work with Makridakis and Wheelwright and this is a replacement for that $140 book.  This will eventually be an e-book.

Rob said ( ) that he made only about $1 per book anyway and that the publisher made all of the money.  So, this time around he would hope that the readers would have the good sense to donate more than a dollar each to help defray the cost of writing and maybe he would actually make a few bucks.  The tools are free.  The book is free.  No more excuses.

Me?  I'm going to start tonight!!  I probably have six or ten books on forecasting and 20 or 30 (more like 50 - 100) printed white papers on the subject that I read from time to time.  Why?  I have to review things that I did in university so that I don't forget.  The fundamentals are ever so important that we should never forget why and how we did things.  When studying more advanced concepts we should always remember the fundamental principals of our particular field of study.

Anyway, get the book online.  If you already have some books, this will just supplement them.  Hyndman is well-recognized as one of the leaders of the forecasting field so you can't go wrong.


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