Sunday, June 10, 2012

IntelliFest 2012 - It's Official


OK.  It's official NOW.  IntelliFest 2012 (aka October Rules Fest 2008 - 2009, aka Rules Fest 2010 - 2011)  will be at the Bahai Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA (USA) Hotel on October 22 - 26.  (The hotel link is NOT the link for the official room rates - just an early link to see the hotel.)   The sign up links are not there yet BUT BE PATIENT!  They should be ready by the end of the week.

This year something different about the conference.  Ergo, the name change.  Jason (Morris, that is) is encouraging management and academic attendees to the conference, something that wasn't done in the past.  And, from my perspective, that's a good thing.  If your management personnel is not aware of what you are doing then you won't get the funding that you need to do the things that you need for research and/or new tools.  If your track is academics, you really need to be aware of new frontiers in commercial applications and vendors need to be aware of new adventures in academics.  Thus the new name of IntelliFest to mean gathering of intelligence on all fronts; commercial, management, academic and applied AI.  The inventors and researchers need to interact with the vendors and developers of AI products.  Management needs to see what is happening with both sides of the fence to understand how these things are interacting to understand how they can use these tools back home in their business to improve their bottom line.  Developers can get new ideas, either during the special vertical markets, the conference or the bootcamps, on how to improve strategy on development of their own products or new products.  All in all, the IntelliFest conference should prove to be fertile grounds for ideas for everyone in the BRMS, rulebase, AI or Intelligence fields.

So, make plans now (sounds a bit like hucksterism on my part but I don't make a dime on this stuff) to attend IntelliFest.  Since the speakers have not been chosen I can't say that it will be the greatest show on earth, but going on past performance I will say that I haven't been disappointed in the past.  So, watch for the speaker list, see if it meets with your approval and, if so, sign up early and get the Early Bird discounts and other advantages, like group discounts and some freebies for bootcamps, etc.  Tell'em Old Jim sent you.  You won't get anything special except maybe a wry grin and an exhausted sigh.  :-)


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Gary Riley said...

Last year's conference was great.