Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FICO World 2010


Well, it's finally here next week. FICO World (formerly called InterACT) is here and will be in Miami, FL, this year. You can get all of the details at


where you can register, follow on twitter, follow on Linked-In, just about anything. The big thing for me (as a PM for FICO Blaze Advisor) is that we will be showing off the latest version of Blaze Advisor 6.9. The RMA (Rule Maintenance Application across the net) has been really improved. The appearance, the functionality, the ease of use have all been improved and there are many other smaller upgrades that just makes it easier to use. Don Griest (and some other folks from FICO) will be there to show off Blaze Advisor 6.9 and many, many other decision management tools that FICO has to offer.

Remember, as with IBM - or ILOG - the rulebase is a small part of a huge enterprise effort. Carlos Seranno-Morales did an excellent job of pointing this out at ORF 2008 in his second presentation if you can still find the copy on the net. And that is the main difference between a BRMS (Business Rules Management System) and a rulebase. A rulebase is the heart and soul of the logic while the BRMS is ability to work within an enterprise system of business analytics, forecasting, scoring, etc. - all nicely bound together AND, normally, a BRMS will easily interface with SAP and other 3rd party tools to make life easier for everyone. A standalone rulebase, however, is nice for getting started and for working in other environments than just the pure business world.

Have fun and enjoy Miami.


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