Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MacWorld is now iWorld


Apple is finally showing its true colors:  Green, as in the almighty dollar.  Yes, you have to make money as a corporation otherwise you become a philantrophy and not a commercial organization.  

So, what is the problem?  The latest MacWorld came today.  And there is NOTHING in there about the Mac computers EXCEPT in how to do movies or photos in the back.  The rest is devoted to iPhone, iPod, iShuffle, and all of the other iCrap toys that Apple has foisted on the world of mindless teeny-boppers and drugged-up skateboarders.  

Even the products page failed to mention the latest advance of the Nehalem processors for the Mac Pro - all that they mentioned was the Xeon Quad core that is several months out of date now.  (I guess that the single article from last month on the Nehalem processor failed to catch the attention of the deely-boppers in the game room.)  Ergo, my reasoning for calling it iWorld rather than MacWorld.

OK.  I'm an old dude who just doesn't get it, right?  Probably.  But Apple's foundation is (was) computers, not toys.  They seem to have forgotten who brought them to the party.  If they are going to degenerate into a world of i-R-Us then I'll have to find another Unix hardware provider.  And, no, Linux is not a good substitute.  Linux is for Windows-haters who don't have the bollocks to do real, hard-core Unix.  (You know, I think all of this started when Steve Jobs decided to use Intel consumer junk for the CPU rather than the more advanced, more stable Power PC of the former Mac Pro.)


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