Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ORF 2009 - Le Deuxieme


ORF 2008

Overall, the conference was quite good - I really enjoyed it and just want to thank ALL of you for turning out. If you had to miss one this year, this was a good one and not one to have missed. The price was right and the place was right and the speakers were, for the most part, right on. :-)

ORF 2009:
 Just some random thoughts - none of which have been discussed with the other guys associated with ORF - but things that I'm just "thinking" about for now. So, anything that I say here is open for discussion, additions, or deletions.

Dates: Tentatively scheduled for October 21st, 22nd and 23rd of 2009.

Location tentatively scheduled for either Fort Worth (TX), San Antonio (TX), Corpus Christi (TX), Miami (FL), San Francisco (CA), Delmar (CA), Nice (France), Paris (France), London (UK), or Munich (Deutchland). Anywhere that is warm to avoid a 22% convention tax PLUS another 8.5% sales tax on everything that we do. Europe would probably mean an October 7th, 8th and 9th.


We'll begin to get abstracts right after the first of the year. Upon the review of the abstracts by the Peer Review Committee abstracts will be temporarily approved. This year we hope to get more technical presentations of "how to" rather than theory. Also, only one Keynote speaker and that one on the first day only.

Full White Paper in PDF format suitable for publication must be submitted by April 15th.

Slides in PDF Format must be submitted by June 15th.

Final Approval to be given to all speakers not later than August 1st.

Diamond (3 max)
Platinum (3 max)
Gold (5 max)
Silver (10 Max)
Bronze (no limit)

Returning sponsors would have first right of refusal on sponsorships at their previous level.

Possibly we could have "Lunch Sponsors" who would, in addition to their regular sponsorship of Diamond or Platinum, want to sponsor Lunch for all attendees AND the Lunch Sponsor would have that time to present a demo of their product. ONLY during that time!!

We could also have "Pub Sponsors" who would be able, in addition to their regular sponsorship of any level, use a main room for drinks, appetizers and spirited conversation.

OK - that's it for now. Let me know what you think and we'll keep everyone in the loop from this blog. Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

What about having the conference in Las Vegas? Vegas is a huge hub for conferences, and there's always cheap flights there.

James Owen said...


I can think of very few things worse than spending an entire week in Vegas. I spent six days in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk once - not even the food was decent. Strictly a tourist trap. But, then, most of the guys had fun "gambling" at the casinos.

I used to do some work for casino's - the house ALWAYS wins (over the long term they get about 7% of the wagers) so that really isn't gambling. Texas Hold'em is just about as bad since the house gets about 10% of the pots there and the game itself is a whole lot of luck, not much on skill.

I would much rather spend a week in Southern France or even San Antonio or Austin than Vegas. They also have cheap hotels around the area and the food in France is much better (even in the tourist traps) than anything I can get here.

BTW, it's OK to sign your name. That way we know with whom we're corresponding. Take care - and be sure to attend ORF 2009. With any kind of luck (and decent planning) it should be better than ORF 2008. :-)


casmrv said...

I of course vote for South of France. We'll make sure we avoid the tourist traps.
And America is cool over there again...

James Owen said...


(a name would help. :-)

Texas has always been cool. Most of Europeans see the United States as either New York City, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Very few see the "real" USA - the small towns that make up the Red Zones as the Democrats like to call them.

Texans are the USA version of Bavaria - we're not really part of the USA, neither the South, the far West nor the North nor anywhere near the North East. True, we (Anglos and Mexicans) took this land from Mexico at a time when Mexico was being ruled by either France or Spain. Mexicans wanted Freedom and the Anglos from Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Misissippi, and Georgia came to help along with the thousands of Anglos who were already here.

So, San Antonio is the birth place of Texas, the Alamo is in downtown San Antonio and the River Walk in San Antonio is about as pretty a place as you can see. North of San Antonio is all German all the way to Austin so we'll be right at home with an October Fest. :-)

HOWEVER, all that being said, there is much to be said for Southern France somewhere within walking distance of the sea shore. But that's really, really expensive real estate there and the hotels are really, really high. BUT, I'll make you a deal: Find us hotel rooms at a place like the Dallas Sheraton for $149 per night and we'll definitely give it serious consideration. Deal?


Adam Mollenkopf said...

I attended ORF 2008 and really enjoyed it. I like the idea of having concurrent academic vs. engineering tracks. I also would prefer to keep it in the states - it would be much harder to justify out of country travel for something like this. It would be interesting to have some sessions around CI (Computational Intelligence) areas as well primarily from an applied research perspective. Looking forward to ORF 2009.