Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs

I added another blog to the list today - it's by Carole-Ann Beriotz-Matignon, VP at Fair isaac. She continues the EDM blog started by (probably) Paul Vincent that was continued by James Taylor and now Carole-Ann. I could be wrong about Paul. All in all, the blog isn't bad as far as commercial blogs go, but I think that she could add so much more.

I know her personally since she was my boss for almost six months. She seems to be quite quite political in her blogs since all of them reflect heavily on Fair Isaac as a corporate entity - but she could contribute so much more. Blogs on how to extract rules, blogs on letting business users control the rules (always a bad idea) and blogs on business intelligence; these are all good. But what about blogs on really technical problems that plague users or a blog on how to solve problems or a blog on theory of mathematical relationship of rules and objects or a blog on benchmarks?

Carole-Ann has it within her ability, more so I would think than any of her predecessors, to tackle the thorny issues of our industry and get really dirty with mathematical solutions and problems. Only a few other persons at Fair Isaac have her ability to closely analyze problems and arrive at solutions. One is her partner in crime, her former boss, Carlos Serrano-Morales, one of the originators of Blaze Advisor back when we all worked for Neuron Data. Another is Don Tallo, a brilliant AI guy from the old days.

I think that the Fair Isaac folks are treading lightly because of the layoffs and, maybe, fear of getting their heads chopped off if they stick them up too high. Well, live a little - after all, you only go round once in life. Step out and give us a reason to comment on the blog - something that is actually controversial, something with some "bite" in it.

BTW, both Carole-Ann and Carlos will be presenting at the October Rules Fest this year.

Founder and Director for the October Rules Fest


Paul Vincent said...

James - FYI I deny having *anything* to do with the FIC EDM blog, save maybe very occasionally in the past having suggested topics for James Taylor to blog about.
I agree it would be great to hear from the thought leaders at FIC on the directions (in FIC) for decision management, rule execution and so forth. Perhaps Dr Forgy could contribute to their blog too?

Carole-Ann Matignon said...

James, this is very flattering. Thank you.

I'll be glad to get into the dirty aspects of AI (one of my passions of course). This may not be the regular audience of the edmblog though.

Would you invite me to post on your blog for the controversial stuff?


James Owen said...

Carole Ann -

Blog away!! I would love having you as a regular contributor.