Sunday, November 18, 2007

Obama - TUCC - NOI

OK, this isn't a normal blog about rules but I only have the one blog space. Normally, I don't write about politics - those guys are WAY too obvious in what they say and mostly about what they don't say. But Obama seems to be working both ends against the middle. He attends Trinity United Church of Christ, TUCC, in Chicago where he is very active in the church and the pastor is a close confident - all of this part taken from his press releases. I came across this trying to de-bunk some stuff that was coming from my right-wing Christian friends but when I went to Snopes I found

Sorry, but I find it really, really hard to even THINK about a candidate, whether white, black, yellow, pink or purple, whose own church would be so racially biased as this one. The Black Value System is just one step removed from that espoused by the Black Muslim and their leader, Louis Farrakhan.

A VERY flattering bio of Louis Farrakhan by the Nation of Islam, NOI, is available on-line at

A Not-Quite-So-Flattering, and fairly long, documentary about Louis Farrakhan is found on a "New Politics" issue from the Southern Illinois University-Ewardsville, publication on the Rise and Decline of Louis Farrahkan:

Finally, there is a rather neutral entry on Wikipedia that deals with the issue of Farrakhan without calling names at

Now, am I saying the the TUCC is the same as NOI? Short answer, no. Long answer, No Way. But, it looks like TUCC is walking a mighty fine line between being mainline Christian and could slide down the slippery slope of extreme racism like the NOI.

But, back to the main issue: According to his own press release, Senator Barak Obama has a personal relationship with Christ. Unfortunately, he also steadfastly maintains that he not only attends the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, but also ascribes to their social and religious values. Read this carefully and if you don't agree with me, fine. If you do, then pass this along to whomever might benefit from it. If you don't have access to a high speed, the text is printed below.

Me? If Obama makes it to the White House, I'm thinking seriously about immigrating to Denmark. It would be worth having to learn Danish and Danish history just to get away from all of the drain bamaged librals here in the USA.

Wait a minute! I'm from Texas now. We can secede from the Union - legally. Sounds good to me. And then we (Texas) could make the remaining 49 states our trading partners along with the Federal Government in Washington. Hey - and maybe get some of that foreign aid money from Washington. You know, the billions that they pour into other countries they could give to us. It should be a whole lot more than we're getting right now. :-)


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I've been evaluating rule engines and have come across your blog. I'm glad I found this blog entry. I won't waste time reading anything else in here.